About Sanhaitsu

Work at Sanhaitsu

Corporate profile

Company name Social Welfare Corporation Chienkai
Location Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
Established 2003 (Heisei 5)
Employee About 760
No. of facility 55

We have a vairous nursing home such as special eldery nursing home, Chargeable elderly home and Group home (for those who are dementia) and our caregivers support you have a safe and comfortable life by taking a shower and having meal and so on.

Working Environment

Aburagi “Special eldery nursing home”

65-14, Aburagi-cho, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki, Japan 852-8035

Capacity : 90 people

“This facility support the customers to have their daily life to become more independent upon each customer’s ability such as taking a shower/bath, excretion, and having a meal, and also provide the training, monitor each customer’s health, and medical treatment based on the facility service plan.
We have care worker, social worker, nurse, functional training instructor, nutritionist, and long-term care support specialist.”

The scenery from the roof top. You can see a full view of Nagasaki.

Entrace of unit

Dining hall for 10 people, Conversation lounge

Customer’s room, Each room is different upon customer’s personality.

Safety equipment

Sanhaitsu settle the equipment for customers and our workers to stay comfortable.

“Monitor sensor : Using PC and smartphone and monitor each customer’s sleeping condition.
If something happens, it sounds alarm.”

Security camera is installed. We can verify when something happens.

Private bath is set for customers and workers to be safe.

Clean kitchen

Rehabilitation by speech pathologist

Medical office

Other facility

Aburagi – Special elderly nursing home

Aoyama Chuo – Local-based special elderly nursing home

Joei – Group home

Aoyama- Group home

Nisimachi – Group home

Yumegaoka – Group home

Menoto – Group home

Koebaru – small-scale multiple function facility

Fujimi – Chargeable elderly home


Job type Nursing care staff (nursing job for customers
such as having a meal, taking a shower, excretion, transferring care,
life support in the facility)
Job details Nursing care for the customers
(For having a meal, taking a shower, excretion, transferring care,
life support in the facility)
Payment 168,000JPY/month (Basic payment: 150,000JPY, Special job allowance: 10,000JPY, Adjustment allowance: 8,000JPY)
Night shift allowance: 5,500JPY~7,500JPY/time (About 4times per month)
Other allowance Commuting: Actual (Max: 10,000JPY)
Workplace Special elderly nursing home “Sanhaitsu” (65-14, Yugi-cho, Nagasaki-shi)
Local-based special elderly nursing home “Sanhaitsu Aoyama-Chuo” (14-1, Aoyama-cho, Nagasaki-shi)
Group home “Sanhaitsu Aoyama” (2-36, Aoyama-cho, Nagasaki-shi)
Grouphome “Sanhaitsu Nishimachi” (2-26, Shiratori-cho, Nagasaki-shi)
Chargeable elderly nursing home “Sanhaitsu Fujimi” (6-1, Fujimi-cho, Nagasaki-shi)
Time Rotation job 8hours/day (Early time, day time, late time, night time)
Day off 8 days off in 4 weeks
Company house 15,000JPY (for 2people in 1 room), 27,00JPY (for 1person in 1room)

Flow of recruitment

−Till working in Japan−

1) Job meeting

It will be a meeting in your country or skype

2) Informal decision

It will be informed by local organization.

3) Come to Japan

Welcome to Japan

4) Work (training)

We have training method.

Living environment

−-Live in Nagasaki−

About Nagasaki

Nagasaki was flourished by trading so it is famous for sightseeing as you can see the
building which is mixed by Japanese culture and western culture and unique food.
You can enjoy your day-off around Nagasaki by seeing the beautiful scenery and
having a delicious food.

Company house

You can start living in this house as soon as you come to Japan.
There’s free wi-fi and close to all the facility.
Please let us know if you want to live in.

For day-time work,

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